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1999 MasterCraft Eastern Region Waterski Championships
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 1998 WOW Final Tour Stop  and Cafe de Colombia Waterski World Cup   photo collage

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Photos from Café de Colombia Waterski World Cup presented by Ski Nautiques by Correct Craft and Women of Water Sports 1998 Final Tour Stop
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Women of Water Sports 1998 Tour Finals
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TWIN LAKES (a short history) 
waterski Twin Lakes Waterski Park began as the dream of a group of avid waterskiers. Faced with bureaucratic restrictions, overcrowding, and safety problems, they realized that there was no future for competition waterskiing on public waters - and decided to do something about it. In 1988, after several years of searching, two lakes in Monroe, NY were purchased. Several months of backbreaking work later, one slalom course was ready to use. The first Twin Lakes Slalom Tournament was held in June 1989.  

waterskiSince that time the Twin Lakes Waterski Club has continued to improve the site. A competition ski jump and a 3 foot training jump have been built. Courses have been groomed to eliminate backwash and provide optimum ski conditions, and special equipment has been purchased to meet the technical requirements of world class tournaments. 

waterskiWith the first lake operational, and the tournament program going well, attention was shifted to opening the second lake to increase capacity. Major excavations were begun in 1994, and completed in time for the new lake to be used for competition in 1995. Twin Lakes is now the only active two lake tournament site in the Eastern Region. Over 45 successful official's clinics, tournaments, and other functions have been held, with skiers and officials coming from all over the East Coast to participate. The Ski Club Challenge Tournament has become a traditional end of season ski and social event for area ski clubs.
waterskiCompletion of the second lake has opened the door for bigger and better tournaments. Twin Lakes' first world record capable 3 event tournament was held in July 1996. In 1997 Twin Lakes held 4 class C tournaments, 1 Class R tournament, and hosted the 1997 Eastern Regional Championships. In 1998 the Café de Colombia Waterski World Cup presented by Nautiques by Correct Craft, and the Women of Water Sports 1998 Final Tour Stop brought Professional and International waterskiing with TV coverage to Twin Lakes. 

 waterskiIn 1999 Twin Lakes will again host the Eastern Region Waterski Championship. There will be special celebrations to mark Twin Lakes' 10th anniversary and the Town of Monroe's Bicentennial. It promises to be another successful year.  

waterskiAmid all this progress, the 10 families are growing up, the children have a safe place to enjoy waterskiing, and several already compete at the National level. The dream is becoming reality. 


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